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IVF: Step by step (video log)

Step 1: Initial Assessment

This video tell you what to expect and what to do if you are thinking about IVF. Gives you a rough guide of what are the tests to do before we decide, explore available options and proceed further.

Step 2: Stimulation

Gives a more detailed background of stimulation stage, in terms of timing, what are the purpose of different injections and what to look for at this stage.

Step 3: Ovum Pick Up

This video gives us an overall explanation of what to expect, what will happen and how ovum pick up is done. Ovum pick up (OPU) is a day procedure and done under sedation in our operation theater.

Step 4: Lab Aspects

This video gives us an insight of what actually happen in Laboratory when a patient decided to go thru IVF. Also, to give the public a sneak peek of what an embryologist does with your egg in the background. 

Step 5: Embryos Transfer

Tell us more information on embryos transfer, normally when it is done and how we decide the schedule for embryo transfer as well as a graphical explanation of how embryos are transferred into uterus. 

Step 6: Freezing

Gives us an overall idea of freezing, including its main purpose, the technology involved etc. Further explanation of how stable is freezing embryos / oocytes/ sperms and why do some people opt for freezing. 

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