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Gynaecological Diseases Related to Infertility


This video gives a background and explanation of what is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Including how it is diagnosed, symptoms and signs of PCOS, how it affects infertility and how we as fertility specialist can help a PCOS sufferer.

This video explained what is endometriosis with the help of graphic and model to help you understand better. Also, how diagnosis of endometriosis is done, how it is associated with infertility and how IVF can help.

 This video gives a background information of what is a uterine fibroid, it is found more common nowadays affecting as much as 1 in 3 women but might not realise it. What are the main symptoms of fibroid and does it affect infertility, also what we can do to combat fibroid if it is affecting our lives. 

This video explain what is PID and what are the symptoms of PID, as long as what are the possible complications caused by PID which includes hydrosulphix , blocked fallopian tubes leading to infertility. How we can check fallopian tubes, what to do if we have hydrosulphix, and/or damage tubes and women with these tubal factor can benefit from IVF .   

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